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When using philosophical principles you should be like the boxer, not the gladiator. For the latter puts away his sword when he doesn’t need it, while the former always has his hands ready. Marcus Aurelius, Meditations

Our suite of services is categorized into two primary domains: Personal Development and Decision-Making Counseling. Within each of these categories, we provide access to both individual and group packages. In order to give our valued clients the best possible experience, during the initial consultation we’ll carefully assess their unique requirements to determine the most suitable Thinker from our team.

What: This consultancy service provides the teaching of Stoic principles through our proprietary method aimed at fortifying your mind.  Stoicism lies at the core of our consultancy, a time-honored philosophical approach that champions resilience and wisdom in the face of life’s challenges. Our services extend beyond the professional sphere to address personal growth and well-being, aligning seamlessly with the Stoic principles of self-mastery and tranquility.

How: After a first intake, one of our philosophers will arrange a program that best fits your needs. In the following sessions, the consultant will help you develop your knowledge of one (or more, as needed) of the core principles of stoicism.

Who: This product is aimed at practical-minded people that want to unlock their potential. What we offer is not therapy. Instead, we want to provide people with a practical framework of ideas based on stoic philosophy to navigate life with a greater sense of purpose and resilience.

What: The landscape of policymakers is marked by intricate challenges that often traverse ethically nuanced territories—privacy, race, gender, and the ethics of cutting-edge technologies such as AI. Our emphasis on engaging with policymakers stems from their pivotal role in shaping companies, countries, and municipalities. However, grappling with these complexities might extend beyond their expertise. Our solution lies in offering guidance from trained philosophers who excel in asking the right questions. By posing the right questions, we empower policymakers to engage in purposeful actions that drive meaningful outcomes.

How: The Thinker tasked with assisting the client undertakes a meticulous preparation process, which involves an in-depth review of the insights garnered during the initial consultation, followed by a comprehensive study of the proposed course of action. Subsequently, they conduct one or multiple sessions wherein their primary goal is to provide robust support to the client, empowering them to craft their own solutions. This is achieved by equipping the client with the essential cognitive tools to navigate complex issues, prioritizing the cultivation of independent and thoughtful problem-solving over the provision of direct answers.

Who: Our services are tailored to address the unique challenges faced by policymakers grappling with complex and articulate conundrums  that may transcend their accustomed scope of engagement. Our aim is to equip them with the comprehensive insights necessary to ensure that when the time for decision-making arrives, every conceivable avenue and possibility has been meticulously explored. If you are keen to discover the extent of support we can offer, we invite you to explore further details here.

What: Recognizing the transformative potential of Stoicism, our Thinkers organize workshops designed expressly for companies and government bodies. These workshops immerse participants in the time-tested wisdom of Stoicism, fostering practical benefits that seamlessly translate into the daily lives of employees. By infusing Stoic principles into their routines, employees gain the tools to navigate challenges with resilience and composure. This equips them to handle stress, adapt to change, and embrace adversity with a renewed sense of purpose. 

How: This kind of workshop follows the same principles we employ in our personal development service. However, the focus is shifted from solely developing the individual to the improvement of the whole team. The result is a more empowered, emotionally balanced workforce, poised for enhanced productivity and well-being.

Who: Impera’s commitment to Stoicism as a guiding philosophy underlines our belief in its practical relevance and tangible benefits. Through our workshops, we empower organizations to harness the profound insights of Stoicism, transforming theoretical wisdom into practical tools for a resilient workforce and ethically astute leadership.

What: In an era marked by intricate challenges, our philosophers orchestrate workshops that unravel complex philosophical frameworks. These sessions are meticulously designed to align with the distinctive needs of specific companies. By providing employees with insights into several profound philosophical domains, we empower them to chart deliberate and purposeful courses of action. Through these dynamic workshops, Impera not only equips individuals with profound wisdom but also supports companies and governments to craft a more informed and purpose-driven future. Interested in what kind of support our Thinkers can provide to you and your team? Read more about it here.

How: Following a comprehensive assessment of the client’s requirements, we will match them with the most suitable Thinker from our roster. Subsequently, the selected Thinker will meticulously craft a workshop session or series of sessions, in close collaboration with the client. These sessions are thoughtfully structured, with clearly defined objectives and milestones, ensuring a tailored and effective engagement.

Who: This product is specifically designed for forward-thinking enterprises and organizations seeking to synchronize their entire team’s perspectives. Our philosophical exploration workshops enable our clients to elevate their workforce’s collective consciousness regarding their company’s core values.


Our fares are based on the following factors: the specific philosopher required for a consultancy, the amount of time our collaborator has to spend preparing for an assignment, and the number of sessions/participants.